Design, Manufacture & Wholesale of Handmade, Handwoven Cushions


We supply retailers world-wide with quality, hand-crafted cushions, pillows, fabrics and a range of related products.


Looking to spice up your inventory? Get access to our wide range of quality décor items, perfect for any setting.


Do you need something unique for your home? With our range of hand-crafted products, you'll find what you're looking for at affordable prices.

About Mjita Cushions & Pillows

Specialists in African home & lifestyle craft goods, our focus is on quality handmade cushions and pillows, and handwoven textiles that capture the spirit and aesthetic of African art and craft.

We travel throughout Africa to source the most beautiful handmade fabrics that we use to hand craft premium quality soft goods for sale from our Johannesburg premises.

Sourced from a range of African countries, including South Africa, Mali, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Swaziland, our hand made product range includes pillows, cushions and bags made from handwoven fabric.

With 20 years of experience working with hand-loomed and handwoven textiles, our staff is highly skilled and talented, and each of our products is individually hand made and quality checked to the highest standards.